Welcome to Windsong Chihuahuas, located in Seymour, Indiana. We raise and show long coat chihuahuas and take great pride in breeding for soundness and great temperaments.

“The chihuahua has a personality and character all his own.
He asks so little and gives so much in return. To know him,
is to really know him as he is, is to love him.”
Reprinted from Chihuahuas by Beverly Pisano

noahWindsong Chihuahuas began when I fell in love with long coat Chihuahua at a dog show in 1977. To this day, Windsong breeds only for the long coats.

Since I have been breeding Chihuahuas, my emphasis has been on soundness and good temperament. I believe that temperament is inherited and strive to breed dogs that have good common sense and are a joy to their families.

My daughter, Annalisa, loves the showing and I love the babies so we make a great team.  We have made many, many great friends in the chihuahua world.

I try to promote a free whelping line. This is much easier and safer for the mother. I believe that a body structure that enables a mother to free whelp is inherited just as temperament is also an inheritable trait. All of our puppies are born with me helping the process, handled and loved from birth as this is very important in making a dog trusting of people and sociable. I keep my kennel size small so that our dogs may each have individual attention and do things with the family, such as camping and traveling with us.

You can check out the pedigrees of our dogs by clicking on their pedigree links  in each of the National Specialty Winners, Champion Chihuahuas, Forever Home and Other Windsong Dogs Pages.